Rehearsal before our show at Stadshuset

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Rehearsal before our show at Stadshuset in Stockholm.




Styling Jonas Hallberg for S. Mag.

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One of my latest projects has been to style the Hollywood top fashion stylist Jonas Hallberg for Sanseh Magazine, using labels such as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Acne, Oscar Jacobson and  Anna-Karin Karlsson together  with photographer Ninja Hanna.


shooting the latest editorial.

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Backstage at Norrback fashion show

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Norrback – Stockholm Fashion Week.

NK STIL Magazine event!

augusti 15, 2012 § Lämna en kommentar

 Bye bye… So luxury, so fashion and so London inspired… All in one at the NK STIL Magazine event- at the outstanding Swedish Berns Hotel Coctail club. The weather was great, the white wine was very italian and the new released NK STIL magazine AW12 number 20 as a sneakpeak object was filled with inspirations from the british luxurious tribal culture . Loved the whole mingle and the fashion atmosphere!

Scientific bird…

augusti 8, 2012 § Lämna en kommentar

A bird in her own method of science, into the forth ventricular ejection, contracting a transformed shell changing no volume.  A generated turbolense around a pale aura, as she thrives as if she cannot fly. Decreasing the pressure of the  four-chambered organ considering its right and left halves before the ending point to a new beginning, a new life, a bird…

Live in the Heartbeat..

augusti 6, 2012 § Lämna en kommentar

A contradiction causing the elements of muse damaged around a pile of unsolved heart beats, a weak statement reflecting red against its own colour. A shadow following the oddest submission rule, calculating the dots to create a beat, thriving insanely around the cardiac cycle, a flow into the next three stages involving the movement of blood from the ventricles to the pulmonary artery, a heart rate…

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