Tigerfish & productive fashion

april 20, 2012 § Lämna en kommentar

Sometimes I wonder… what makes us gather around fashion like a visual subject as intense as we do? Relating the situation to a flock around its bait, not more human than an animal´s productive bait method and mindset. It almost becomes our obsession as we select our focus around any matter of taste, shape and smell for the neverending result.

The tigerfish have only one shape, taste and smell on its mind. The technique the tigerfish use is extremely enjoyable, there is nothing like the sound of a bait running fast through as the hungry tiger picks up the morsel, mouths it for a few seconds before chomping down and BAM the result is out! But then again I remember why fun is mixed with our cultural sense of fashion and how we proclaim to know what is out or in before we decide to go with each side of creativity, adding a vision of how we want to look as we combine this with a quick mindset plan, breaking the ice with following our goal for a fast and enjoyable result. Isn´t that quite a description of how a fashion vision turn into a reality.




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