At the House Of Dagmar.

april 18, 2012 § 3 kommentarer

As it was time to reserve attention for all the press days around Stockholm, I reserved some extra time and attention on my absolute favorite brand this season, DAGMAR.

Getting a luxury description of the latest contemporary inspiration from the head designer Kristina Tjäder, made me realize the trend wiser in conception and the characteristic design influence behind their latest collection.

We first of all thought of how Swedish women look like- which lead to two different and strong women, one was the fictious and famous character Lisbeth Salander which you can also find as an inspiration on this DAGMAR Moodboard above and the second woman is a ”real” artist Sigrid Hjertén. The time difference between these two women are 100 years but yet they are strong and willing to fight for their sight, this on its turn is combined with how a Swedish woman is actually looked up to in societies outside Sweden which we actually is but yet a touch of an international trend output, regarding the more approachable colours”, Head Designer of House of Dagmar Kristina Tjäder.

My selection of favorite pieces was not one or two but like the time difference between Hjertén and Salander, hundreds…

The selection of  the garments was not selected regarding any shoulder or arm structure intentions, but insted the well tailored and high quality techniques. Each garment creates a statement which submits to a path that is about to explode around the Swedish fashion. It is all about contrasting the black part of the collection and it contains and stays almost as a tribal tattoo design on the patterns and the amazingly odd thing about it is that it is used on knitwear.

PS: Congrats to Dagmar!! A cooperation with Net-a-porter begins with the fall collection in 2012 coming out in July/August. Dagmar’s collection will be sold at both the European and American Net-a-porter!


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