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AnOther Thing I Wanted to Tell You | Anna Dello Russo on Helmut Newton, interview by AnOther Magazine.

“I had the great chance to work with a phenomenon like Mr Newton. I met him when I was fashion editor at Vogue Italia and had the chance to work with him on a story. I remember he was watching me during the shoot and he felt my obsession: he said to me, ‘You are a fashion maniac! If you are a fashion maniac, you will be a professional’. He was right – I cannot sleep if I can’t find the right thing for a shoot.  This kind of obsession makes a difference in our job – it’s a 24-hour job. He was obsessed with everything, he noticed every detail. If he didn’t like the clothes, he would send them back; he was so demanding. He would say, “No way, this is not the story I was talking about.” But with me, luckily, he was always so, so happy. Because before each shoot, I would research for two weeks. I remember for a silver story, I came with a silver bed, a silver motorbike and he thought it was pretty good. One day, he wanted to take a picture of me. He said, ‘Go back home and get the long, black coat’. I went home, got the coat by Yohji Yamamoto. Then he told me to smoke. That was the first picture of me – it was an androgynous moment. I would always wear flat shoes and androgynous clothes. I learnt so much from working with him. He was fascinated by the two extremes – androgynous, fierce and severe but also camp. He was obsessed by this touch of crassness – long red nails, he loved tacky things. I like this mix of fierce, tacky, fashion – sometimes it was so elegant, and sometimes it was elegant and trashy.”


One of the greatest interviews in history, giving me shivers as never before. This lady is not only a lady but a mind bomb of fashion cells. She creates for us to see and inspire but yet does it in words to make us feel what the progress is all about. I see a lot of myself in her, running a battle between a 24/7 fashion atmosphere but yet a process that is endless regarding development, all you have to do is find your inspiration and will.



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