I need a sign

januari 24, 2012 § 1 kommentar

Timetime is the essence as it is passing without us realizing its speed. Time passes us by as fast as a bottle of water finishes in a thirsty man´s hand and the only thing we think we can cooperate with is the future. As we are concerned about what to treasure the most in the next coming days. There is no negative approach or a positive one, just something to think about when you are looking for a life sign for it might stand where you are right now.

For the future has its odd reflection saying ”you cannot read me or tell me, for you are not the only one with a language”.


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  • Namam skriver:

    ”TIME”- you touched on a great subject!! How do we measure its impact? How do we value its significance (through other people’s perception or our own?) Why do we need a sign for our direction? Can we operate on a timeless and signless world? Not expecting you to answer the questions, just in the mood of questioning and not answering. 🙂


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